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Photo/Darius as Egyptian Pharaoh at Temple of Hibis
Photo/Archaeological Plan of Persepolis
Photo/Aerial View of Ruins at Persepolis
Photo/Ruins of the Gate of All Nations at Persepolis
Photo/Ruins of the Gate of All Nations at Persepolis
Photo/Lamassu at the Gate of All Nations at Persepolis
Photo/Lamassu at the Gate of All Nations at Persepolis
Photo/The Great Double Staircase at Persepolis
Photo/Ruins of the Apadana at Persepolis
Photo/Ruins of the Apadana Columns at Persepolis
Photo/Bull Capital from Apadana (now at the Louvre in Paris)
Photo/Ruins of the Tachara at Persepolis
Photo/Ruins of the Tachara at Persepolis
Photo/Relief of Darius and Xerxes (National Museum of Iran)
Photo/Relief of Darius at Persepolis
Photo/Archer's Frieze at Darius' Palace in Susa
Photo/Gold "Daric" Coin
Map/The Achaemenid Empire
Map/Eastern Border of the Persian Empire

Episode 34 Links
Map/The Achaemenid Empire ca. 500 BC
Photo/Letter from Darius to Gadatas at the Louvre in Paris

Episode 35 Links
Map/The Ionian Revolt Campaign
Photo/Ruins of Miletus Agora

Episode 36 Links
Map/Greco-Punic Wars
Map/Battle of Marathon Initial Situation
Map/Battle of Marathon Battle Formations
Photo/Reconstruction of Beached Ships at Marathon
Photo/Plain of Marathon
Photo/Marathon Tomb of the Athenians
Photo/Helmet and Skull from Marathon
Photo/Helmet of Miltiades
Photo/Bust of Miltiades
Photo/Modern Statue of Pheidippides near Marathon
Photo/Ostraka with Xanthippus' Name Inscribed
Photo/Ostraka with Aristeides' Name Inscribed
Photo/Ruins of Silver Mines at Laurium
Photo/Ostrakon with Themistocles' Name Inscribed
Photo/Modern Statue of Themistocles

Episode 37 Links 
Photo/Rock-cut Tomb of Darius at Persepolis
Photo/Relief of Xerxes on his Tomb at Persepolis
Photo/Hot Springs at Thermopylae
Photo/Ancient Coastline at Thermopylae
Map/Topography of Thermopylae
Map/Thermopylae and Artemisium Campaign
Map/Battle of Thermopylae
Map/Battle of Thermopylae and Movements to Salamis
Photo/Epigram of Semonides at Thermopylae
Photo/Leonidas Monument at Thermopylae
Photo/Thespians' Monument at Thermopylae

Photo/Themistocles' Troezen Decree
Map/Battle of Salamis
Photo/Xerxes' View of Salamis from Mt Aigaleo
Map/Battle of Plataea
Photo/Snake Column at Hippodrome in Constantinople

Map/Delian League Campaigns
Photo/Ostraka with Themistocles, Cimon, and Pericles' Names
Map/Lower Egypt 460 BC
Photo/Bust of Pericles
Photo/Bust of Thucydides
Map/The Athenian Empire

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