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Friday, August 5, 2016

017 - Archaic Art and Architecture

In this episode, we discuss the innovation taking place during the 7th and 6th centuries BC in the realm of vase painting (Orientalizing, Protocorinthian, Protoattic, black-figure, and red-figure), statuary (kouros/kore and reliefs), and architecture (Doric/Ionic temples, treasuries, and stoas) by looking at some notable works of Archaic art and architecture

Greek wordsaryballos (perfume flask), olpe (broad-lipped pouring vessel), oinochoe (squatter pouring vessel), kotyle (small no-handled drinking cup), skyphos (two-handled drinking cup), kantharos (a smaller two-handled drinking cup), hydria (water jar), opisthodomos (projecting porch of temple), cella/naos (large main room of temple), pronaos (small reception area or vestibule in front of naos), adaton (unlit interior chamber of naos that held the cult statue of the deity), peristyle (naos surrounded on all sides by columns), entasis (columns respond to weight of capital by widening and bowing out in center), stoa (colonnaded passageway in an agora that provided shelter and market stalls), kouros (idealized young male statue), kore (idealized young female statue), peplos (old-fashioned, long woolen garment that is belted)

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Photo/Types of Greek Vases

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File:Selinunte Panoramic View 1.jpg

COMPASS Image Caption: Wine jar, made in Athens about 540-530 BC



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