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Monday, February 20, 2017

034 - Rising Tensions

In this episode, we discuss the Persian conquest of Thrace, their failed invasion of Scythia, and the submission of Macedon that brought Persia right up to the foothills of Mt Olympus, at the very borders of mainland Greece; the diplomatic follies of the Athenians; and whether war was or was not inevitable, at least in the last decade of the 500s BC

Video/Herodotus & the Scythians: The First Hotbox in History

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

033 - The "Great King" Darius

In this episode, we discuss the ascension of Darius to the Persian throne; his consolidation of the empire and eastern campaigns; Zoroastrianism and the role Ahura-Mazda played in his reign; and his reform program, with a special focus on his creation of a new script (Old Persian), his new capital of Persepolis, his bureaucratic satrapies, the Royal Road, his "sort of" Red Sea/Nile River canal, and the creation of and influence of the gold "Daric"

Video/The Religion that Shaped Ancient Iran

Video/Why were the Iranian Empires so Successful?

Video/Darius I and The Greatest Lie in History

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

032 - Cambyses

In this episode, we discuss the political happenings during the reign of the Persian king, Cambyses, with a particular focus on Polykrates of Samos; the Persian conquest of Egypt; the failed campaigns in Africa against the Nubians, Cyreneans, and Carthaginians; and the “madness" of Cambyses