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Sunday, February 5, 2017

032 - Cambyses

In this episode, we discuss the political happenings during the reign of the Persian king, Cambyses, with a particular focus on Polykrates of Samos; the Persian conquest of Egypt; the failed campaigns in Africa against the Nubians, Cyreneans, and Carthaginians; and the “madness" of Cambyses


  1. I came across this podcast about six weeks ago, started with episode 1, and am writhing a few episodes of being caught up. I learned a or from the past 30 or so episodes and am now in an era that I know more about.

    Greek history is a vast subject. In the last decade I've read quite a few histories, from Herodotus to Fine. This has been a great review and supplement.

    1. Thanks Steve! I'm glad I was able to jog your memory on some things! Herodotus and Fine were both great reads by the way.