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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

034 - Rising Tensions

In this episode, we discuss the final subjugation of the Ionian poleis to Persian-backed tyrannies, Darius' failed invasion of Scythia, Megabazos' conquest of Thrace, and the submission of Macedon that brought Persia right up to the foothills of Mt Olympus, at the very borders of mainland Greece; the diplomatic follies of the Athenians; and whether war was or was not inevitable, at least in the last decade of the 500s BC

540-498 BC - Rule of Macedonian king, Amyntas

515 BC - Famed doctor Demokedes flees the Persian court for his home polis of Croton; Syloson, the brother of former Samian tyrant Polykrates, enlists the aid of Persia; after brutally retaking Samos, the remaining Ionian poleis submit to Persian-backed tyrannies

513 BC - Darius crosses to Europe for Scythian expedition; forces include Miltiades, Athenian tyrant of the Thracian Chersonese; Histiaios of Miletus opposes plan to break up bridge of boats; ultimately Darius extends Persian rule over the Thracian Chersonese but fails to subdue the troublesome Scythian tribes along the northwestern shores of the Black Sea

512-511 BC - Darius leaves Megabazos with a large force (80,000) as commander in Europe; he conquers southern Thrace along the northern Aegean coastline

510 BC - Amyntas submits to Macedon becoming a Persian vassal kingdom; Darius appoints Artaphernes as satrap of Sardis and Otanes as commander of forces on coast, while he, Megabazos, and Histiaios of Miletus (his new Greek advisor) return to the royal court of Susa 

510-500 BC - Otanes captures many Greek cities in and near the Hellespont

507 BC - Athenian delegation arrives at court of Artaphernes in Sardis

505-500 BC - Potential medizing of Kleisthenes and the Alkmaionidai?; Darius warns Gadatas, satrap of Phrygia, about his harsh treatment of the Greeks

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