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Sunday, April 21, 2019

090 - The Road to War

In this episode, we discuss the two events over 433/2 BC that led Pericles to claim that he could see war "coming out of the Peloponnese" (the Potidaea Revolt and the Megarian Embargo); the speeches given by the Corinthians, Spartans, and Athenians on the eve of war; and both sides' financial and military resources, war arms, and tactical strategies

Primary Sources: 
Thucydides' The History of the Peloponnesian War (Book 1)
Plutarch's Life of Pericles
Diodorus Siculus' The Library of History (Book 12)

Supplementary Resources (Videos, Photos, Other Podcasts)

Video/The Peloponnesian War (Khan Academy)

Video/The Peloponnesian War (Epimetheus)

Photo/Drawing of Socrates Saving Alcibiades at the Battle of Potidaea

File:Battle of Potidaea 431 BCE.jpg

Map/The Athenian Empire in 431 BC

File:Map athenian empire 431 BC-en.svg

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