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Friday, April 8, 2016

003 - The Stone Age

In this episode, we leave the realm of myth and trace the development of early human activity in Greece, culminating in the domestication of plants and animals and the rise of the earliest villages

ca. 200,000 BC - first hominid skull found in Greece (at the Petralona Cave)
ca. 50,000 BC - Neanderthals migrate into the Balkans
ca. 40,000 BC - the first Homo Sapiens (the Cro-Magnons) wipe out Neanderthals mysteriously
ca. 20,000 BC - earliest Homo Sapiens evidence in Greece can be found at the Franchthi Cave
ca. 10,000 BC - end of Paleolithic Period/last Ice Age
ca. 7,000 BC - agriculture reaches Greece
ca. 5,000 BC - Neolithic villages develop in Macedonia and Thessaly at Nea Nikomedeia, Sesklo, and Dimini
ca. 4,000 BC - metallurgy reaches Greece

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  1. Ran across this series today and enjoying it greatly. Up to episode 4, looking forward to the rest of the journey.

    1. Glad you're enjoying it! Out of curiosity, how did you happen to come across The History of Ancient Greece (THoAG) podcast?

    2. I came across your podcast by googling "history of greece podcast" after listening to The History of Rome podcast. Yours popped right up. Thanks for the podcast!

  2. Just discovered you too..really enjoying your podcast..fabulous work on your part😉

    1. Thanks, Francine! I was new to podcasting in these earlier episodes so bare with me. I eventually find my "audio legs" :-)