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Monday, April 11, 2016

004 - Early Bronze Age

In this episode, we discuss the archaeological evidence for the early Bronze Age on mainland Greece and the Cycladic Islands; the arrival of the Indo-Europeans in Greece (known as the photo-Greeks); and the rediscovery and excavation of three legendary Bronze Age cities (Troy, Knossos, and Mycenae) in the latter part of the 19th century AD by the infamous Heinrich Schliemann and Sir Arthur Evans that brought to light the Bronze Age peoples dubbed "Minoans" and "Mycenaeans"

ca. 3000-2100 BC - early Bronze Age in Greece
ca. 2100 BC - Proto-greeks (part of Indo-Europeans) arrive in Greece
ca. 2100-1600 BC - middle Bronze Age in Greece; proto-Greeks mingle with the natives (the so-called Pelasgians) to develop a distinctly Helladic culture

Greek words: paleo (old), chalkos (copper), nea (new), lithos (stone), kuklos (circle)

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