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Thursday, April 7, 2016

002 - The Greek Genesis

In this episode, we take a look at Creation, according to the Greeks; the Titanomachy, the Gigantomachy, and the ascendancy of the Olympian Gods; the creation of the first humans; the story of Prometheus and the first woman, Pandora; Deucalion and the great flood; and the progenitors of the various Greek tribes

Supplementary Resources (Videos, Photos, Other Podcasts)

Video/Prometheus, the Titan Who Stole Fire and Gave It to Humanity (AH Encyclopedia)

Video/Prometheus, Titan God of Wisdom (Monarchs Factory)

Video/Prometheus & the Stolen Flame (Monarchs Factory)

Video/Prometheus - Origins (Extra Credits)

Video/Prometheus - The Making of Man (Extra Credits)

Video/The Myth of Pandora’s Box (Ted-Ed)


Video/Pandora (Overly Sarcastic Productions)

Video/Pandora's Box (Mythology Short Stories)

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