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Thursday, April 21, 2016

006 - Mycenaean Greece

In this episode, we discuss the archaeological evidence for the Mycenaean Greeks of the late Bronze Age, ca. 1650-1250 BC

ca. 1650-1500 BC - Grave Circles A and B at Mycenae show that the Minoans on Crete began to exercise a dominant influence on Mycenaean culture
ca. 1600 BC - two-wheeled chariots made their way to Greece, probably through the Hittites of Anatolia
ca. 1500 BC - Tholos tombs began to appear
ca. 1450-1250 BC -  the apex of Mycenaean civilization after they surpassed the Minoans as the dominant commercial power in the Aegean region
ca. 1450 BC - Linear B developed
ca. 1325 BC - Uluburun shipwreck shows extent of Mycenaean trade network
ca. 1300 BC - "Pictorial Style" in vase-painting developed
ca. 1300 BC - "Warrior Vase" shows changes in Mycenaean weaponry
ca. 1250 BC - "Lion Gate" at Mycenae was constructed

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