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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

005 - Minoan Crete

In this episode, we discuss the myths and archaeological evidence for the Minoans on Crete, who were an early source of cultural inspiration for the Mycenaean Greeks; the palace complexes at Knossos (north), Phaistos (south), Mallia (northeast), and Zakros (east); the volcanic eruption that blew apart the island of Thera in the mid-17th century BC and was a catalyst for the decline of the Minoan civilization (the inspiration for Plato's infamous description of Atlantis?); the ultimate subordination of the Minoans by the Mycenaean Greeks in the 15th and 14th centuries BC; and the decipherment of Linear B (an early form of Greek) by Michael Ventris in the mid-20th century AD

ca. 3500 BC - earliest traces of "civilization" appear on Crete
ca. 2700-2600 - "the Minoans" of Crete enter the Bronze Age, as they begin to communicate and trade with the Near East
ca. 2000-1700 BC - Proto-Palatial or "Old Palace" Period
ca. 1900 BC - Cretan Hieroglyphics developed (undeciphered, ex. Phaistos Disc)
ca. 1800 BC - Linear A developed (undeciphered)
ca. 1700 BC - earthquake destroyed the palaces at Knossos, Phaistos, Mallia, and Zakros
ca. 1700-1600 BC - Neo-Palatial or "New Palace" Period 
ca. 1650 BC - volcanic eruption on Thera (modern Santorini)
ca. 1450 BC - the royal palaces of Phaistos, Mallia, and Zakros, as well as numerous country villas and small towns, were sacked and burned by the Mycenaean Greeks
ca. 1450 BC - Linear B developed (deciphered as early Greek)
ca. 1350 BC - Knossos was sacked and burned by the Mycenaean Greeks, marking the end of Minoan Crete and ascendancy of Mycenaean Crete

Supplementary Resources (Videos, Photos, Other Podcasts)

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***Part of episode discusses the Minoan civilization***


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Map/Ancient Crete (click on link for higher quality image)

File:Map Minoan Crete-en.svg

File:Minoan copper ingot from Zakros, Crete.jpg

***Episode focuses on Minoan Crete in context of its trade relations with Egypt***

***Part of episode discusses the rediscovery of Knossos***

File:Knossos - North Portico 02.jpg

File:Knossos Großes Treppenhaus 04.jpg

File:Knossos - 03.jpg

File:Throne Hall Knossos.jpg

File:Knossos sewers PA067399.JPG

File:Armon Knossos P1060018.JPG

Photo/Archaeological Plan of Palaikastro 
(click on link for higher quality image)


File:Δίσκος της Φαιστού πλευρά B 6381.JPG

File:Rhyton in the form of a bulls head from Knossos 02.jpg

File:Map Akrotiri 1600 BC-en.png

***Episode discusses ancient utopian worlds (included is Atlantis)***

Video/Atlantis (Overly Sarcastic Productions)



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