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Sunday, September 30, 2018

081 - Orphism, Omens, and Oracles

In this episode, we discuss the myths, iconography, and cultic worship of Orpheus and his Mysteries; the Orphic Hymns and the Orphic Theogony; the Orphic Hymn to Melinoe and her connection to the Mysteries, Hekate, and Hermes Psychopompos; the roles of omens, divination, and itinerant seers (including the mythic figures of Tiresias, Mopsus, and Chalcias, as well as historical figures like Lampon); and the roles of oracles (including the myths and cultic worship of Apollo in regard to Delphi, Python, the Pythia, the Sibyl, and Daphne, as well as the archaeological evidence, rituals, and importance of the oracles at Delphi, those in Boeotia, and those in Ionia (ex. Didyma and Claros)

Primary Sources:

Supplementary Resources (Videos, Photos, Other Podcasts)
File:Life of Orpheus Greek Mythology.svg
File:Orpheus Thracians Met 24.97.30.jpg
File:DSC00355 - Orfeo (epoca romana) - Foto G. Dall'Orto.jpg
File:Orphic Gold Tablet (Petelia - British Museum, London).jpg

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