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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

046 - Monsters and Heroes

In this episode, we discuss the importance of heroes in Greek mythology, the creation of various beasts and monsters, and the lives and accomplishments of various mythic heroes who often times fought against these monsters; including Cadmus of Thebes and the Ismenian Dragon, Perseus of Argos and the Gorgon Medusa;  Bellerophon of Corinth, Pegasus, and the Chimaera; the cursed family of Pelops and the Oath of Tyndareus; the Lapiths, the Centaurs, and the Centauromachy; Meleager, Atalanta, and the Caledonian Boar Hunt; and the troublemaking of Pirithous and Theseus

Chart/Genealogy of Greek Monsters (from Echidna)



Pegasus.  Attic black-figure squat lekythos, artist unknown; ca. 450 BCE.  Now in the Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich.   Photo credit: Carole Raddato.

Leda and the Swan - Attica Red Felix, Vase Figure, at the Louvre museum

File:Kleitias e vasaio ergotimos, cratere françois, 570 ac ca. giochi funebri per patroclo 03.JPG

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