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Sunday, December 4, 2016

024 - Early Athens

In this episode, we discuss the early history of Athens from the mythical kings to the abolishment of the monarchy in the Dark Ages to the rise of the oligarchic constitution and finally to the social and economic crises at the end of the 7th century BC

ca. 900 BC - Medontidai archon/basileus of Athens was pre-eminent in Attica
ca. 900-750 BC - the synoecism of Attica took place
752 BC - length of Medontidai archonship changed from life to ten years
681 BC - three annually elected archons (eponymous, basileus, polemarch) was introduced
ca. 650 BC - six more archons were introduced (called the Thesmothetai); collectively together with the other three they are known as the College of Nine Archons; full aristocratic revolution of Athens has taken hold
632 BC - Cylon unsuccessfully attempted to establish an Athenian tyranny
621 BC - Draco enacted first written constitution in Athenian history


  1. hi,

    is the podcast bi-weekly now?

    1. Hello, the podcast, for now, is still weekly. The newest episode will be up tonight. I just have been traveling all week. Sorry about the delay!