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Monday, March 5, 2018

071 - Love, Sex, and Prostitution


In this episode, we discuss Greek love and sexuality by examining the formal social institution known as pederasty; the various philosophical theories of love as described by Plato (through various speakers) in his treatise, the Symposium; the various methods in which Athenian males (and non-citizen women) were able to have sex; the depiction of nudity and genitalia in art and masturbation; the various types of female and male prostitutes; pictorial and medical evidence for the daily life of prostitutes and philosophical and comedic representation of prostitution; and the lives of several famous hetairai (Rhodopis, Thargelia, Aspasia, Phryne, and Neaira)

Primary Sources:
Text/Plato's Symposium

Supplementary Resources (Videos, Photos, Other Podcasts)

Photo/Clay Statuette of Pederastic Couple, Zeus and Ganymedes

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File:1135 - Keramikos Museum, Athens - Askos with copulation scene - Photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto, Nov 12 200.jpg

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