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Monday, June 13, 2016

011 - From Oikos to Polis

In this episode, we discuss the community (demos), household (oikos), and economy (oikonomia) in the late "Dark Age"; its role as the foundations that led to the evolution of the city-state (polis) into a socio-political structure that brought about the transition from the "Dark Age" into the Archaic Period; and later Greek philosophical thought on the polis and polis identity and what it means to live in a polis beyond its physical space

Greek wordsdemos (people that make up a community), oikos (household and family unit), thetes (hired workers), kleros (ancestral plot of farmland), akleroi (landless men who usually made up the thetes), archaios (old), synoikismos (having oikos together), polis (city-state), politai (members of a polis, i.e. citizens), ethnos (tribe, nation, or people without a single urban center, central government, or formal political union), politicon zoon (an animal of the polis), nomoi/themistes/dikai (laws), akros (highest, top of), akropolis (highest point of a city), astu (urban center of a city), agora (marketplace for trade and politics), kalos kagathos (beautiful and good), eunomia (good laws), dysnomia (bad laws)

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