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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

069 - Slaves and Foreigners

In this episode, we discuss the notion of the barbaroi in Greek culture; the origins and philosophical theories for slavery; and the legal status and type of roles (and importance) that slaves and metics (foreign residents) had in the Athenian economy

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Video/Slavery (Digital Diogenes)


  1. Nice job as usual! One etymological point: neither παῖς nor παίω are derived from one another, nor do they share a common root. At best the connection is a popular etymology. Παῖς, like Latin puer, is derived from *peH2-u- "little, small," while παίω is derived from *pH2u-ie/o- "to hit, strike; to cut."

    1. Oh interesting, while etymology is not my forte (history is), I do remember explicitly reading this from one of the sources I used (hence why I included). I forget which and I will need to track it down. Is this something that is just not agreed upon and there are differing opinions? I have found that to be quite often the case with a lot of etymologies and I usually include multiple opinions in the episode. I didn't see an alternative view listed, though, to include.