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Sunday, July 2, 2017

048 - Food, Wine, and the Symposium

In this episode, we discuss how and when the ancient Greeks consumed food and their diet; the economic, religious, and medicinal role of winethe festival of Anthesteria in the month of Anthesterion (late February/early March)and the Symposium (drinking-party)

Greek terms: akratismos (breakfast), akratos (barley bread dipped in wine)tagenites (a kind of pancake made with wheat flour, olive oil, honey, and curdled milk), tagenon (frying pan), staitites (another kind of pancake topped with honey, sesame, and cheese), staitinos (of flour or dough)ariston (lunch), deipnon (dinner), hesperisma (light meal in afternoon), aristodeipnon (lunch-dinner), apomagdalia (pieces of bread used as spoon/napkin), ipnos (clay oven), pnigeos (dome-shaped cover for oven), sitos (wheat)krithe (barley)aleiata (wheat flour), artos (loaves), alphita (barley flour)maza (flatbread)esthein krithas monas (to eat only barley, i.e. a diet of bread and water)opson (relish), sitonai (grain buyers), etnos (thick vegetable soup)garon (fish sauce), balanoi (oak acorns), phake (lentil soup), melas zomos (black soup), bouturon (butter), pyriate/oxygala (curdled milk products), hedypatheia (life of luxury), katharsis (purification/asceticism), xerophagia (diet of dry foods), kykeon (barley gruel), kykao (to shake/mix), akraton (undiluted wine), skyphos (drinking vessel), kantharos (deep cup with handles), rhyton (drinking horn), anathessasthai (to pray up), anthos (flower), Pithoigia (The Jar-Opening), pithoi (jars), Choai (The Pouring), choes (jugs), Dionysos en limnais (Dionysos in the marshes), hieros gamos (sacred marriage), basileus (king), basilinna (queen), gerarai (matrons), Chytroi (The Pots), Hermes Chthonios (Hermes of the Underworld), sympinein (to drink together), andron (men's quarters)klinai (couches), tragemata (snacks)agathos daimon (good spirit), symposiarchos (lord of the drinking party), kylix (wine cups), oenochoe (pitchers), hetairai (high-class female prostitutes), aulos (flute-like instrument), barbiton (stringed instrument), kordax (specific dance), skolia (drinking songs), agon (contest), kottabos (specific drinking game), plastinx (tiny statuette holding manes), manes (large disc), latax (noise made when ringing disc with wine), komazein (to revel about the streets in a gang)komastai (revelers)

Supplementary Resources (Videos, Photos, Other Podcasts)

Photo/Terracotta Model of a Lion's Paw Tripod Table

File:Terracotta table Louvre Ly1607.jpg

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