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Friday, June 28, 2019

***Audio Teaching Strategies: Classics at Sound Education 2018**

Greece, Rome, the Ancient Near East, archaeology, and Greek and Latin get a lot of love from the world of educational audio, from hobbyists offering general overviews of ancient wars to linguists teaching you how to scan poetry in archaic Greek. This panel will discuss methods that successful hosts have used to bring specific topics from antiquity to large numbers of listeners. Moderator: Doug Metzger (Literature and History - Rhiannon Evans (Emperors of Rome - Zoe Kontes (Looted - Ryan Stitt (The History of Ancient Greece - Vanya Visnjic (Ancient Greece Declassified - The first-ever Sound Education conference on educational audio took place at Harvard University's Divinity School on November 1-3rd, 2018. Learn more, listen, and celebrate your love of audio with us at:

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